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We are open with stringent  health and safety protocols in place for the safety of all our clients during the covid-19 pandemic.

  •  All patients are screened for signs of fever and illness before being permitted attendance to the clinic. Do not attend if you think you have symptoms of coronavirus or have come into close contact with someone who has.

  • All staff are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Only one patient will be permitted to attend the practice at a time.

  • Hand sanitiser is available and should used prior to consultation.

  • Clinic rooms are steam cleaned and all contact surfaces are sanitised between patients


Counselling therapy sessions are currently being conducted via telephone and video calls along with the use of a ventilated clinic room for 1-1 sessions. 


My healing tree offers  Counselling - Psychotherapy, Pain management, Osteopathic manual therapy, Medical acupuncture, in Bridlington and the East Riding of Yorkshire region.


My Healing Tree was created by qualified counsellor and pain therapist Tal Raven and Registered Osteopath and manual therapist Jay Raven who offer a unique approach to health care. Stress, worry, anxiety and illness play a major role in the health and wellbeing of the individual. In effect the mind and body need to work in harmony to be connected and balanced to truly feel well and in good health.


Tal is a highly qualified and experienced  counsellor, with a previous teaching history at Bridlington and Beverley colleges teaching counselling skills. Tal writes and develops courses and training for companies and human resource development departments within the workplace offering continued professional development (CPD) courses for small and large businesses including charities.


Jay is a qualified Osteopath and structural massage therapist with over 14 years experience, treating back pain, musculoskeletal and sports related injuries. Jay is interested in the science of human movement and the body in balance, he is also an accomplished martial artist. 

Efficient booking for todays modern lifestyle


Tal... thank you for all your help in getting me through a very difficult time.

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