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Pain Management

One to one appointments.

Tal Raven is a Pain management specialist who will discuss your pain and how she can help with your pain. Personally tailoring your needs using her experience and professional training to help alleviate your pain levels, putting you on the path to recovery. Tal Can coordinate other care, including osteopathic treatment and counselling.

 At your first visit, you will meet with Tal to discuss your pain and how you are  dealing with it now. The next few visits we will work out and implement a new personal pain tool kit, which will help you to manage your pain. 

Your personal pain tool kit will be around coping strategies with exercise techniques and mindfulness individualised for each participant.

This includes one session with either a osteopath, acupuncturist or Counsellor.

Six one hour weekly sessions for £200.00

Appointments available from August 2020. 

Group therapy on pain management. 

Tal Raven holds group sessions on pain management these involve talking about:

  • What is pain 

  • How we cope with pain.

  • Looking a tool kits to help with pain

  • Mindfulness, relaxing.

  • Other interventions ie: osteopathic, acupuncture, hypnosis

  • Look at the tool kits and see how it has help or not and how we can. Improve it

Weekly 90 minute session for £10.00 a week. 

Limited places available starting August 2020. 

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